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Fire protection for airport systems and security

A fire at an airport – whether in operations, the terminal, hangar, or in a vehicle – has the potential to create major service disruptions.

From runway lighting to baggage handling, control tower systems to remote air guidance operations, passenger handling to telecommunications centers – a failure in any one area has the potential to bring the entire airport to a chaotic and costly stand still.

A Firetrace system can help to protect the most vital areas in airports including battery charging rooms, backup power generation equipment, escalator and elevator machinery, cable trays, telecom panels/equipment, control panels, PABX switchboards, fuel stores, baggage carousels and X-ray machines.

Also, various vehicles onsite could benefit from protection, such as baggage trucks, freight loaders and carriers, passenger buses, refueling tenders, tugs and supply trucks

Firetrace systems provide reliable, stand alone, cost effective automatic fire suppression solutions for all of the areas above.