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Laboratory Fume Hoods

Fire protection for chemical fume hoods and cabinets

While laboratory fume hoods help control the risk of fume inhalation, they provide little to no protection against the risk of fire. Virtually all labs have procedures in place to help prevent fires; however, accidents can and do happen and the presence of ignition sources such as gas burners, hot plates and pyrophoric materials – and the inherent volatility of chemical compounds and reagents – all lead to a significant fire risk

Firetrace is proud to provide fire detection and suppression systems to protect laboratory fume hoods.

The Firetrace concept is simple: detect and suppress a small fire before it grows, consumes the hood, and requires extinguishment by the building’s sprinkler system.

Detecting a fire in its early stage is critically important in reducing the risk of injury to laboratory personnel and/or the damage to equipment. Our proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is the key to fast, accurate fire detection. This flexible, heat sensitive, polymer tubing is mounted behind the baffles of a fume cabinet. As a fire begins, the flames immediately follow the airflow into the cabinet’s baffles. With the Firetrace tubing crisscrossing the baffles, quick detection is assured.

Once the FDT senses heat of approximately 383°F (195°C) or upon direct flame impingement, it bursts and automatically triggers the fire suppression system. A Firetrace suppression system provides immediate fire protection. With nozzles placed strategically within the fume cabinet, the best suppression agent for the application, typically CO2 or ABC dry chemical powder, is administered directly onto the fire, assuring quick and effective suppression.

Firetrace systems operate automatically. The system can suppress a fire even if the sash is open and requires no electricity to activate.

NFPA 45 has changed… is your lab in compliance?

NFPA 45: Standard on Fire Protection for Laboratories now requires a fire suppression system in all at-risk chemical fume hoods unless a review by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) determines it is not necessary. Don’t risk non-compliance – contact Firetrace for more information today.