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Firetrace International launches Key Distributor Program

Global fire suppression manufacturer Firetrace has launched its inaugural Key Distributor Program, which sets out to recognise and reward its highest performing partners.

Firetrace’s worldwide network of over 500 authorized distributors is an integral part of its success. From hazard analysis, quotations and installations, to service and system support, distributors help Firetrace’s customers reliably and effectively protect their assets.

Scott MacRitchie, Firetrace National Sales Manager for the US, explains: “Our valued network of distributors plays a critical role in Firetrace’s continued business growth. In order to fully acknowledge and thank them for their significant contribution to our ongoing success, we are pleased to launch the Key Distributor Program.”

Initially launched in the US, the annual program highlights the strongest performing partners in the region. Those who have grown their business with Firetrace above a predetermined set of financial thresholds will be rewarded with marketing support to help them further advance their businesses. The amount of support they receive is increased as they progress through three different tiers of achievement.

“Our goal in implementing the program is to help our distributors develop their business and promote the world-leading Firetrace brand that we have all worked so hard to build,” says MacRitchie, “Key partners have enjoyed the recognition and have come up with a number of creative initiatives to make the best use of the marketing support we are offering.”

With the program in its first year, the team at Firetrace is hopeful that distribution partners will enjoy their success and help the company expand and improve the program going forward. Moreover, distributors that did not meet the growth threshold for inclusion this year could meet it in future years by investing in growing their business with Firetrace.

“We celebrate our distributors’ achievements and look forward to growing with them in the future.”

Pictured: ABCO Fire Protection was one of the Tier 1 distributors who received a commemorative plaque from Firetrace in recognition of their high performance during the year