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Small fires, big consequences

In general, Joe Public would probably assume – not unreasonably – that the size of a fire is directly and proportionately linked to the level of damage caused.

Not so.

The smallest of fires, if left unchecked, can spark a chain reaction that causes untold damage and costs.

We saw this most recently when a major airline was forced to cancel over 2,100 flights when what was described as a “small fire” in one of its data centers ultimately led to a computer outage.

The implications for the air carrier of that small fire, and the domino effect that rapidly escalated from it, are still being calculated.

The fire alone can’t be held responsible for the eventual havoc wreaked on the airline, but the incident certainly highlights the importance of end-to-end risk mitigation.

At Firetrace, we’ve built our business by helping to alleviate that first risk.

By detecting and suppressing fires in their earliest stages, the overall impact can be mitigated.

Whether the fire starts in a universal power supply (UPS) unit that leads to computer systems outages; on a city bus at rush hour that snarls traffic in a major city; or in a CNC machine that closes down a business; the outcome of each scenario would be improved by fast and effective detection and suppression.