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Spotlight on: Indonesia

Site visit to Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra Palembang, Indonesia copyIn the past year, 300 Firetrace automatic fire suppression systems have been supplied to the mining industry in Indonesia by Dutch equipment company Wiejelo.

For the most recent project, Wiejelo’s certified local distributors installed Firetrace ABC dry chemical fire suppression systems in Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra.

During the work Wiejelo visited one of the sites to deliver training to both end users and service staff, and to carry out an in depth inspection of the new installations – ensuring that the Firetrace fire suppression systems are completely failsafe. This is of particular importance given the 24-hour nature of mining operations.

These latest installations of the Firetrace systems by Wiejelo represent a real step-change in the mindset of the decision makers in Indonesia’s mining industry. Although many are now convinced that dry chemical systems offer many advantages in comparison with systems using AFFF-foam agent, it has taken considerable effort to extinguish the myth that AFFF-based systems are the one and only superior solution for fire suppression on mining equipment.

In the meantime, the advantages of ABC dry chemical powder systems have been proven by both independent tests and best practice in the field. Not only has it been demonstrated that ABC dry chemical systems are the most effective at extinguishing fires; they are also compact, easy to install and maintain, and offer the lowest whole-life cost.