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Chemical Laboratories

Fire Protection for fume hoods and laboratory equipment

Firetrace is proud to provide fire detection and suppression systems to for fume hoods and hazardous material storage cabinets.

Detecting a fire in its early stage is critically important in reducing the risk of injury to laboratory personnel and/or the damage to pharmaceutical equipment. Our proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is the key to fast, accurate fire detection. This flexible, heat sensitive, polymer tubing is designed to detect and suppress a small fire INSIDE the fume hood or hazardous material storage cabinet before it can grow to the point where it requires extinguishment by the building’s sprinkler system.

And because the FDT is installed inside the fume hood or material storage cabinet it provides extremely fast fire detection – more than 10x faster than some competing systems!

Firetrace systems are compatible with most commercially available fire suppressant agents ensures the best possible agent can be chosen for a particular hazard. Just a few of these fire suppressing agents include Novec 1230 and FM-200 clean agents, CO2 and ABC dry chemical powder.

Firetrace systems are completely pneumatic, and can run stand-alone in a remote location on the facility property without the need for an outside power source.