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Deployment Example

Firetrace System Deployment Example

The pictures illustrate deployment example, where Firetrace Systems have performed exactly as they were designed to react and they successfully ceased the fire at its source.

The installation was in a large facility that had experienced fires previously but could not prevent substantial damage because the fires started in Electrical Cabinets and were undetected until the fire destroyed the contents of the cabinets.

Firetrace Systems were subsequently installed to stop the fire at its inception and warn that a fire had occurred.

The subject fire started in a relay switch area. The fire was then detected by the red proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT), located directly above the area in question, and was extinguished within seconds of having been detected.

The magnified picture shows the burst nozzle in the FDT, having been created by the fire.

Unlike its predecessors, this fire caused minimal damage and virtually no loss of working hours for the facility.