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Industrial Fire Suppression

Applications - Industrial Fire Suppression

For industrial fire suppression Firetrace is ideal for protecting equipment that carries an inherent fire risk. In commercial and industrial spaces, this may mean electrical hazards such as relays and switch gear, telecommunications equipment, including server racks, or the machinery that businesses rely upon to produce, package or transport their products.

“If it were not for the Firetrace systems, I don’t worry that I may have lost my machine, I worry I would have lost my business”
– Frank Rugo, Owner, Rugo Machine Shop Services

Firetrace has a long history of protecting these assets, including the areas listed to the left. However, the list is not inclusive, the uses for Firetrace are limitless. Contact Firetrace to discuss your hazard and see if your business can benefit from the elevated safety of a Firetrace system.