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Cleaning Tanks

Fire protection for industrial cleaning tanks

Cleaning tanks are used in many industrial processes. Many cleaning tanks use highly flammable solvents, which is why industrial fire protection is such an important issue. A fire can break out in an instant, and cause serious damage to industrial equipment and threaten lives and property.

Firetrace is proud to offer industrial fire protection for cleaning tanks utilizing flammable solvents.

A run of red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) can be under the lip of the tank and around any other risk areas provides detection right at the source of a growing fire.

The Firetrace system is designed to automatically detect and suppress a cleaning tank fire in seconds, preventing a small fire from becoming a big problem.

Industrial fire protection should be one of your top priorities. In the blink of an eye a fire can break out and cause extensive, expensive damage. Contact Firetrace today for more information about tank fire protection!