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Laboratory Gloveboxes

Fire protection for Laboratory gloveboxes

Detecting a fire in its incipient stage is critical in reducing the risk of injury to laboratory personnel and minimizing the potential for damage to equipment and property. The fire suppression experts at Firetrace examined this problem and came with a simple, yet elegant, solution: detect and suppress the fire INSIDE gloveboxes before it can grow out of control, consume the enclosure, and require extinguishment by the building’s sprinkler system.

The proprietary Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is the key to fast, accurate fire detection. This flexible, heat sensitive, pressurized polymer tubing can be mounted unobtrusively throughout the interior of any glovebox, providing a full 360 degrees of fire detection. The FDT is designed to burst when it senses heat of approximately 383°F (195°C) or upon direct flame impingement, which automatically triggers the release of the fire suppressing agent through nozzles strategically located inside the glovebox.

Placing the FDT in the path of the heat and flame assures extremely quick fire detection and suppression (more than 10 times faster than conventional detection systems), which greatly minimizes the potential for damage to life and property.

Firetrace systems provide around-the-clock fire detection and suppression for gloveboxes. Firetrace systems activate automatically, without any human intervention, and do not require any electricity to operate. Systems can be configured with a manual release if desired and are available with pressure switches that can perform functions such as activating local or building alarms, shut off fuel valves or equipment that might be located in or near the glovebox.