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Pulp & Paper Mills

Fire Protection for Pulp & Paper Processing Equipment


Modern pulp and paper processing machines are complex, high-value assets. Even a very small fire can halt a pulp or paper production line leading to significant revenue losses due to unplanned downtime. Protecting pulp and paper processing equipment against the risk of fires is essential in order to maintain business operations and ensure worker health and safety.

Fires in pulp processing equipment typically begin in flash dryers and slab presses. These processes generate sparks and hot particles that can spark an extremely hot, fast growing fire that can extensively damage production line machinery.

Fires in paper producing machines are often ignited by gas flame radiant heaters used to speed up the paper drying process. During production runs paper can accumulate underneath the machine where it can be readily ignited by the heaters. This type of fire poses a major threat to the machine.

Firetrace offers a proven solution for protecting pulp and paper processing equipment. The Firetrace system utilizes unique, pressurized detection tubing that bursts when exposed to the radiant heat from a fire, triggering the release of the fire suppressing agent. The flexible red detection tubing is designed for easy routing throughout the interior of machines, electrical control cabinets and other elevated fire risk areas. Placing the tubing inside the risk area – right where a fire starts – allows for extremely fast detection and suppression times, which helps protect lives and assets.

The financial and operational repercussions of equipment-related damages and downtime can be devastating. Protect your equipment with Firetrace.