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Textile Mills

Fire Protection for Textile Production Equipment


Today’s textile mills utilize a variety of high speed automated machines to turn raw materials, such as cotton, into finished textiles. A fire that starts in one machine may travel to the next machine in line in less than a second, creating a spreading fire risk. Some high speed textile processes, such as a modern blowroom line, pass sequentially through an entire room of machines connected by ductwork. This type of fire has the potential to spread to every machine in the room in less than a minute; and because these machines are enclosed in housings, it is virtually impossible to fight a fire using hand extinguishers or with overhead sprinklers.

Firetrace offers a proven solution for protecting textile machines and equipment. The Firetrace system utilizes unique, pressurized detection tubing that bursts when exposed to the radiant heat from a fire, triggering the release of the fire suppressing agent. The flexible red detection tubing is designed for easy routing throughout the interior of textile machines, electrical control cabinets and other elevated fire risk areas. Placing the tubing inside the risk area – right where a fire starts – allows for extremely fast detection and suppression times, which helps protect lives and assets.

The financial and operational repercussions of equipment-related damages and downtime can be devastating. Protect your textile machines and equipment with Firetrace.