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Vertical Storage Carousels

Fire protection for vertical storage carousels and lift modules

Automated storage carousel systems were created to help businesses and government agencies efficiently store and retrieve vital paper documents such as tax returns, medical files and employment records. While that remains their primary function, the uses for storage carousels today has expanded into a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.

The introduction of the Vertical Storage Carousel brought increased weight capacities, taller heights and larger storage capacity that saves floor space and boosts productivity. However, as the capacity of vertical storage systems increases, so does the fire risk, in large part due to the increased fire load that a vertical shaft presents.

Fires in vertical storage carousels are usually caused by electrical or mechanical failures, short circuits and electrical arcing in the motor gearbox drive, control gear drawer and key electrical parts. This type of fire has the potential to spread to the contents of the carousel itself, and from to surrounding areas where it may grow to the point where it can threaten lives and property.

A fire in an automated storage carousel is a very serious event that can result in total destruction of the carousel and irretrievable losses to vital records and documents. The risk associated with the loss or destruction of vital records is often catastrophic and can result in the closure of a business. In the case of commercial and industrial storage carousels, high value electrical and mechanical parts and products are at risk.

Firetrace clean agent systems are ideally suited for protecting vertical storage carousels. Clean extinguishing agents are electrically non-conductive and can be safely discharged directly onto a fire in an energized motor/electric enclosure. In addition, clean agents leave no residue and require no cleanup and will not harm documents or other materials in the carousel.

Fast detection and suppression can also prevent activation of the building’s sprinkler system and the collateral damage it can cause. Firetrace advanced fire suppression systems are critical to maintaining your vertical storage carousels.