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Fire Protection for Warehouse Systems & Logistics


Today’s modern high-capacity warehouses utilize automated material handling equipment, vehicles and systems to move, store and transport products and inventory. Mechanical and electrical failures in conveyor systems and vehicles can result in a fire, as can faulty connections, wire fatigue, short circuits and thermal overload in switch cabinets, control boxes and other electrical assets.

The direct costs from a warehouse fire can be extremely costly in terms of property losses due to the significant dollar values housed under one roof. However, the indirect costs and damage resulting from smoke, soot and overhead sprinkler damage to the building, systems and inventory can be just as significant and in many cases exceed the damages caused by the fire itself.

Firetrace offers a proven solution for protecting warehouse vehicles and equipment. The Firetrace system utilizes unique, pressurized detection tubing that bursts when exposed to the radiant heat from a fire, triggering the release of the fire suppressing agent. The flexible red detection tubing is designed for easy routing throughout the interior of electrical control cabinets and other elevated fire risk areas. Placing the tubing inside the risk area – right where a fire starts – allows for extremely fast detection and suppression times, which helps protect lives and assets.

The financial and operational repercussions of equipment-related damages and downtime can be devastating. Protect your material handling systems, vehicles and equipment with Firetrace.