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Farm Equipment

Fire protection for harvesters, combines and agricultural equipment

Today’s farming industry utilizes large, sophisticated and expensive equipment to perform the time sensitive tasks of crop planting, watering, tilling and harvesting. Firetrace is proud to offer automatic fire systems to protect farm equipment.

Farm equipment such as harvesters and pickers, while typically very reliable, can be jeopardized by the condition of their working environment. Leaves, straw, and crop residue can accumulate in the engine compartment or other risk areas. The heat of the engine or exhaust systems can easily ignite the dry materials leading to a fire that could quickly spread to other parts of the machine, and possibly start a wildfire.

The proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is the key to catching fires when they start. By routing the tubing through the compartment to be protected, a Firetrace system’s detection can get right to the source of the fire. In the event of a fire, a Firetrace system will release its extinguishing agent automatically, even if the machine is parked or unattended and the battery removed.

Firetrace also offers a manual release that can be activated at the first sign of trouble and an audible alarm option which is triggered when the system is activated.

Firetrace is an excellent fire protection solution to help suppress a small fire from becoming a major event.

Note: A Firetrace system is not a replacement for following a strict cleaning regimen as dictated by the machine’s manufacturer or as conditions warrant.