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Heavy Off-Road Equipment

Fire protection for heavy off-road equipment

Many industries utilize expensive, heavy off-road equipment. This equipment, while functionally very reliable, can be susceptible to elements of the working environment.

Over time hoses can fatigue and fail, or leaves, twigs and pine straw can build up on the machine and often accumulates in the engine compartment or other hazardous areas. The heat of the engine and exhaust systems can easily ignite the leaking fluid or dry materials, leading to a fire that can envelope the entire machine. In some cases, additional liability arises from a potential secondary grass or wildfire.

Firetrace automatic fire suppression systems were designed specifically for the harsh environment of off-road vehicles. In spite of working conditions that would cause other fire systems to fail, Firetrace’s unique design enables it to endure the shocks and vibration associated with the operation of these off-road machines.

The proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is the key to catching fires when they start. By routing the tubing through the compartment to be protected, Firetrace’s detection can get right to the source of the fire. As the detection tubing is a polymer composition, it is immune to the vibration and shocks that can affect other detection systems.

In the event of a fire, The Firetrace system will release its extinguishing agent automatically, resulting in suppression many times faster than could be achieved using manual suppression. Every second saved results in less damage- and ultimately downtime – for the machine.