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Timber And Forestry Equipment

Fire protection for timber and forestry equipment


Large, heavy and expensive timber and forestry equipment such as feller bunchers, loaders, skidders and log handlers can be compromised by the conditions of their working environment. Leaves, wood chips and other dry residue can accumulate in the engine compartment or other elevated fire risk areas. The heat of the engine or exhaust systems can easily ignite dry materials that may spread to other parts of the machine, and possibly start a wildfire.

Electrical faults and mechanical failures are further causes of equipment fires. A leaking fuel injector, ruptured hydraulic fitting or burst oil feed in close proximity to hot running engine parts or electrical components can result in an extremely hot, fast spreading fire. And because timber and forestry equipment typically operate in remote or undeveloped areas where emergency fire services are not available, the need for effective fire protection becomes critical.

Firetrace offers a unique solution for protecting timber and forestry equipment against the threat of fires. The heart of the Firetrace system is the company’s unique, pressurized detection tubing, which is constructed from a proprietary polymer composition. The flexible detection tubing can be easily routed in and around the hazard areas of the equipment. The tubing functions as a multipoint linear pneumatic heat sensor that bursts when exposed to a fire’s radiant heat. This automatically releases the fire extinguishing agent and provides fast and reliable fire detection and suppression. Firetrace also offers a manual release that can be activated at the first sign of trouble and an audible alarm option which is triggered when the system is activated.

Firetrace is an excellent fire protection solution that can stop a small fire from becoming a major event.