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Shredding Trucks

Fire protection for paper shredding trucks

In today’s data-sensitive world, the secure transport and destruction of corporate documents is essential. In the past 10 years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of mobile paper shredding trucks deployed to meet this need. Unfortunately, as the number of trucks has increased, the number of shredder truck fires has also increased. Firetrace is proud to provide fire suppression systems specially designed for these vehicles.

Shredding trucks carry a huge amount of fuel for a fire in the form of shredded paper. Further, during the paper grinding process, large amounts of highly flammable paper particles are generated. All too often these particles spread throughout the truck and into the grinding machinery, increasing the potential fire risk.

A Firetrace automatic fire suppression system provides a unique solution for protecting against the risk of a shredding truck fire.

In order to effectively suppress shredded paper fires, fast detection is essential. Firetrace Systems, using its proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT), can react to a fire more than 10 times faster than heat activated sprinkler heads.

In a mobile shredder application, when a fire is detected, Firetrace automatic fire suppression system typically delivers 50-100 pounds of fire-suppressing agents (depending on the size of the truck), through strategically placed nozzles, creating an agent concentration high enough to effectively suppress the fire, without harming any vehicle occupants.