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Transit and School Bus

Fire protection for city bus, motorcoach and school bus

City, transit and school bus systems are a critical component to meeting many communities’ transportation plans and bus fire suppression systems ensure vehicles and passengers remain safe. In many communities transit bus plays a major role in providing daily transit to commuters while reducing the vehicle congestion on roads and highways.

The impact of a fire in a city or school bus is wide ranging. Just a few issues surrounding bus fires include passenger safety, costs to city or school, loss of passenger capacity, disruption of traffic and public relations issues.

Firetrace systems offer a unique approach to fire protection of many of the fire prone areas of these vehicles. Firetrace systems detect fire using the proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT). This heat sensitive polymer tubing is pressurized and reacts to the heat and radiant energy of a fire by bursting, thus activating the fire suppression system.

Firetrace detection tubing is ideal for fire detection in buses as it tolerates the vibration, dirt, temperature extremes of the environments in which the buses operate. Also, as Firetrace systems are pneumatically operated, they require no power from the vehicle to operate and do not place additional strain on the vehicle’s electrical system.

Firetrace’s automatic fire suppression system is in use on more than 10,000 buses worldwide, along with thousands of paratransit vehicles, as well as protecting both light and heavy rail.

Firetrace systems can be easily retrofitted to your existing fleet or added to future bus purchases by maintenance personnel or by authorized Firetrace distributors.

Certified under SPCR 183 for use in Bus Engine Compartments.
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.