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Port Facilities and Mobile Equipment

Protecting port facilities and mobile equipment against the risk of fires presents a unique set of challenges. This equipment is generally used by port authorities that are working around the clock under the most punishing conditions. This stresses the mechanical components to their limit. A Firetrace suppression system is immune to the dirt, shock, and vibration that would cause other fire systems to fail.

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Ground Support Equipment

Protecting your ground support equipment (GSE) is critical. Firetrace has quickly built a reputation in protecting GSE and has become the go-to option, not only for protecting assets but also, more importantly, for protecting the people that get us from landing to takeoff. Airport operations are immediately affected when a fire impacts GSE; passenger panic ensues, critical equipment is left inoperable, or in a worst-case scenario, a hull loss could occur, causing significant damages and expenses.

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Buses, Trains, and Stations

Airports aren’t the only methods of mass transit that require protection. Fires in commuter trains or metro rails, subways, buses, and other modes of public transportation are not uncommon. We offer advanced vehicle fire protection systems that detect and suppress fires for light rail, airport terminal trains, subways, and city buses. Our stand-alone systems are ideally suited for ground mass transit and also protect remotely located support equipment, such as transformers, relays, and switches.

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