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Construction and mining wising up to need for fire suppression – successful Bauma debut for Firetrace

Firetrace, along with an incredible 580,000 other people, attended Bauma 2016 in Munich this month.

This was the first time either we had attended the show, and even with all that we knew of Bauma, the reality was still overwhelming.

We signed up because, as the world’s largest show of construction and mining machinery, we considered it an ideal platform for the Firetrace team to present our innovative and highly effective fire suppression systems to this wide-ranging sector, expanding on the success that we’ve had around the world at individual sites.

Klaus Dittrich, chairman & CEO of event organiser Messe München, says that visitors to Bauma always come looking to invest, and that many exhibitors are talking about record levels of demand at this year’s show.

From our discussions with equipment owners, manufacturers and dealers during the event, it’s clear that interest in protecting equipment from fire is on the rise. This was reflected in the number of representatives from across the construction and mining sectors, who came to our stand knowing that we could offer them something they need.

It really is no surprise, though, when you look at the value of a lot of the equipment on display.

Machines like the show-stopping Komatsu PC 7000, the 677-ton mining shovel “monster” unveiled at Bauma, are worth millions of dollars. The cost of repair – or worse yet replacement – along with the value of lost time, is staggering. And when you consider the scale of the operations the equipment is used in, the cost to businesses of the downtime and disruption can be the more compelling of the figures.

This type of machinery, while functionally very reliable, is susceptible to elements of the working environment. With the risk of lost production costing thousands of dollars a day, the construction and mining sectors are waking up to the fact that they need a fully automatic system, that’s low maintenance and easily serviced.

So it makes perfect sense that operations are thinking ahead, being prepared, and talking to us about how Firetrace can help protect these extremely high value assets.

This was a successful first visit to Bauma for us. We had some good conversations, have some strong leads, and we learned that there is a place for us there. We’ll be back!

Find out more about the Firetrace International automatic fire suppression system for heavy vehicles here:

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