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One week, two shows: a dual debut for the Dual Action System at NFPA and TOC Europe 2018

Last week saw two of the most significant shows for Firetrace, over 5,300 miles apart, each with its own unique flavor.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Expo and Conference in Las Vegas facilitates the improvement of NFPA standards and guidelines, as well as affording manufacturers the chance to showcase their newest and best products to an audience from around the world.

The show was the North American debut for our patented Dual Action System.

This new approach to pre-engineered systems provides optimal protection for complex micro-environments by combining the properties of Firetrace’s local application and total flooding systems.

Offering both the fast knock-down of the fire right at the source, and further protecting against re-flash and multiple ignition points, Dual Action is our most significant product development in 15 years, and the most advanced Firetrace system ever.

The reaction from our visitors at NFPA was incredibly positive!

Guests readily understood all the benefits of our combined approach in applications ranging from engine enclosures to server racks, and noted that larger options with low pressure clean agent systems open up application possibilities even further.

Impressed with the concept of knocking down a fire at an early stage and then flooding the environment to avoid re-flash, customers also liked the expanded service temperature ranges and the fact that new features on the valve allow for multiple field mounted accessories.

The valve was the hero of the show, really setting Firetrace apart from systems that can only be applied in one manner.

The first Dual Action Systems will be shipping in early July.

TOC (Terminal Operators Conference) Europe moved to Rotterdam for 2018 and Firetrace’s booth traffic was even better than previous years!

It was a great chance to introduce the European market to both the Dual Action System and our newly available high-flow valves.

The new Firetrace systems are based on the proven R107 and P Mark approved systems for commercial buses, having been successfully tested in extreme performance, durability and in-field experience.

Needless to say, in this market of heavy, hardworking equipment where even small interruptions can prove exorbitantly expensive, interest in these new options was extremely high.