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Watch the Uptime Wind Energy Podcast featuring Firetrace's Angela Krcmar, an expert in fire suppression for wind turbines. During the discussion, she shares her experience with wind turbine fires, which are both underreported and often lumped into the classification of “building fires.”

Because of this gap in reporting and classification, the statistics that we do have don’t often reflect the true scope of the issue. So, Allen and Dan of the Uptime Podcast reached out to Angela and Firetrace to share her perspective on the issue and educate their audience of wind energy professionals.

Angela has recently written several well-received articles on the subject, hoping to spread the message that not only does the wind industry need to bring reporting and classification up to modern standards, but also that there’s a major opportunity for insurance companies and wind farm operators to work together.

By educating wind farm operators on the economics, safety issues, and reward vs risk of fire suppression systems, both insurers and operators can protect their bottom line while keeping worker safety at the forefront.

How to Listen to the Show

The Uptime Wind Energy Podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms, including on YouTube, or below.

A wind turbine fire is a major disruptor for any wind farm operator. From reputational damage to lost revenues to increased insurance premiums, operators need to determine what fire risk mitigation to put in place. Determining if you have turbines in your fleet that are at higher risk for fire is a great starting place.

Learn About Fire Risk Factors in Wind Turbines