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Protection in Offshore and Near Shore Environments

Unlike Firetrace’s Standard Detection Tubing products, XD Tubing was created using a new proprietary polymer to offer durability in a heavy salt air environment. To ensure robustness in these unique environments, Firetrace performed extensive testing resulting in no molecular level deterioration and survived a minimum of 5x longer than the Standard Fire Detection Tubing. XD Tubing is the ideal choice for tough environments like offshore and near shore wind turbines.

Flexible and Durable

XD Tubing works just like the Standard Firetrace Tubing by sensing either heat or flame. XD Tubing can be used with any Firetrace pre-engineered system and can be retrofitted on existing systems. The flexible XD Tubing is installed in the wind turbine components that are at a higher risk of fire like the converter cabinet, transformer, and brake.

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