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CNC Machines

Fire protection for CNC machining centers

Effective fire protection is a valid safety concern in any machining facility. Fires occurring in CNC machines can cause significant damage in seconds and potentially spread throughout the facility causing extensive damage. Even in the presence of operators, CNC machines have been completely destroyed.

Firetrace automatic fire suppression system installed on CNC machines are essential for fire suppression and protection and greatly alleviates the danger of a fire breaking out. Firetrace brings reliable, CNC machine fire protection to equipment ensuring that fires will be quickly detected and suppressed, often before damage is done to the machine.

The red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is at the heart of the system. By routing the tubing throughout the machine Firetrace can detect a fire at its source no matter where it starts. The placement of this tubing reduces activation time and potential for damage. Tests have shown that under normal circumstances FDT detects a fire 10 times faster than traditional methods and provides superior industrial fire suppression.

Upon detection of a fire, Firetrace will discharge a fire-suppressing “clean” agent such as Chemours FM-200, Novec 1230 or CO2 (carbon dioxide). These fire suppressing agents leave no residue and require no cleanup and will not contaminate expensive machine oil.

Firetrace is currently protecting more than 10,000 CNC machines worldwide. Thousands of these machines have been saved from significant damage – in fact, in many cases the Firetrace system reacts so quickly that the machine is completely undamaged by the fire.