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Mass Transit Systems

Fire protection for bus and light rail systems

Fires in commuter trains, subways, buses and other modes of public transportation are not uncommon. When these fires occur, they are almost always well documented in the local news. Firetrace is proud to provide advanced vehicle fire protection systems that detect and suppress fires for light rail, airport terminal trains, subways and city busses.

Damage from these fires usually results in both “hard” and “soft” costs. Hard costs include the physical damage to the train or bus, applicable insurance deductibles, loss of passenger property and decreased transit capability. Soft costs can include negative press as well as the potential for lost revenue based on public perception (both charter and municipal carriers).

Numerous flammable fluids are found throughout an engine compartment, including more than just the gasoline or alternative fuel. There are also hydraulic, brake, automatic transmission and power steering fluids present. Combustible debris can accumulate in and around the engine area. The combination of these fluids and/or debris with potential ignition sources such as worn, exposed electrical wires or excessive ambient heat can create a strong fire risk.

Firetrace is a stand-alone system and is ideally suited for mass transit systems. Firetrace can also protect remotely located support equipment, such as transformers, relays, and switches, that are used in mass transit systems.

Currently, more than 50,000 Firetrace vehicle fire protection systems have been installed worldwide. Included in this number are several thousand systems that have been installed in buses and trains worldwide.