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Port Authorities

Fire protection for container handling vehicles and equipment

Protecting mobile equipment against the risk of fires presents a unique set of challenges. The cranes, straddle carriers, reach stackers, lift trucks and other mobile equipment used by port authorities work around the clock under punishing conditions that stress mechanical components to the limit. A leaking fuel line, burst oil feed or ruptured hydraulic hose can result in an intensely hot, quick-spreading fire that can severely disrupt operations, pose a serious threat of injury or death to workers, and result in costly equipment repairs and downtime.

Firetrace offers a unique fire suppression system for protecting mobile equipment against the threat of fires. The key to the Firetrace system is the Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT), which is immune to the dirt, shock and vibration that would cause other fire systems to fail, yet is reliable enough to avoid false discharges.

The flexible detection tubing and can be easily routed in and around the hazard areas of heavy lift equipment. The detection tubing functions as a multipoint linear pneumatic heat sensor that bursts when exposed to a fire’s radiant heat, which automatically releases the fire-suppressing agent and provides fast and reliable fire detection and suppression.

The Firetrace system can react many times faster than conventional fire detection systems. Every second saved results in less damage and, ultimately, downtime. In fact, in many cases mobile equipment can be returned to service in a matter of hours after a fire is suppressed by Firetrace.

The TT Club strongly urges all operators to be aware of the risk of fires
Laurence Jones, the TT Club’s Director of Global Risk Assessment, has publicly urged all maritime operators to be aware of the risk of fires in mobile equipment which can result in serious injuries to workers and result in costly repairs and operational downtime.