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EDM Machines

Fire protection for electrical discharge machines

Fires in Die Sink EDM machines frequently result from a drop in oil level. When this occurs, the large supply of coolant oil and oil vapor can burst into a major fire in moments, destroying an expensive machine and threatening life and property

To combat EDM fires, the proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) can be located unobtrusively on the ram just above the oil surface. This placement offers detection right at the source of the risk area, providing superior EDM machine fire protection. The tubing, due to its proximity to the source of the fire, responds many times faster than a traditional sprinkler head.

In the event of a fire the tubing ruptures, instantly starting the CO2 or FM-200 clean agent system discharge. A large nozzle delivers a gentle flow of agent to suppress the fire. The deployment of this agent is critical as more forceful flows can cause the burning oil to splash or splatter resulting in spreading rather than extinguishing the fire.

Firetrace offers options for manual activation and automatic machine shutdown in the event a fire is detected. Firetrace is also an effective fire protection solution for oil/mist collection systems, electrical control cabinets and more.

Already in use on more than 5,000 EDM and screw machines and with countless reports of successful fire suppressions, Firetrace’s EDM machine fire systems are a reliable and cost-effective solution for EDM machine fire protection. Don’t wait until a fire breaks out to ensure your protection – call us today and get more information!