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Plastics Manufacturing

Fire Protection for Plastics Production Processes


One of the greatest concerns in plastics manufacturing is the risk of fire. Plastic fires have the potential to spread quickly and can produce toxic gases that can quickly result in unconsciousness or death.

Plastic fires can begin during the bulk raw material compounding stage if combustible dust is allowed to accumulate. The majority of plastics production fires occur when pressurized lubrication or hydraulic lines leak or burst onto hot equipment. High temperatures ovens, extruders and heating units used to melt resin pellets present a fire risk as well as does hot work that produces sparks or burning embers. The manufacturing and handling of plastic film can create static charges capable of igniting flammable gasses and combustible dust, and many of the solvents used in plastics production are highly volatile and can be ignited by a spark of electricity.

Firetrace offers a proven solution for protecting plastic production equipment. The Firetrace system utilizes unique, pressurized detection tubing that bursts when exposed to the radiant heat from a fire, triggering the release of the fire suppressing agent. The flexible red detection tubing is designed for easy routing throughout the interior of machines, electrical control cabinets and other elevated fire risk areas. Placing the tubing inside the risk area – right where a fire starts – allows for extremely fast detection and suppression times, which helps protect lives and assets.

The financial and operational repercussions of equipment-related damages and downtime can be devastating. Protect your equipment with Firetrace.