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Armored Passenger Cars

Fire protection for paratransit and ADA mobility vehicles



Armored cars, trucks and SUVs provide high levels of ballistic protection for the passenger compartment, but most are very lightly armored elsewhere in order to conserve weight. As a result, a concentrated assault on the engine compartment will often result in a vehicle-disabling engine fire, which may lead to tragic consequences.

Due to the ready supply of flammable fuel, oil and lubricants, engine fires have the potential to quickly grow into intensely hot, fast spreading blazes that can flood a vehicle interior with dense black smoke and deadly carbon monoxide in a matter of seconds. It is imperative to exit a burning vehicle immediately to avoid injury or death; however, doing so in a hostile situation can put the vehicle’s occupants in harm’s way.
Firetrace offers a unique solution for protecting armored passenger vehicles against the risk of engine fires. The “heart” of the Firetrace system is the unique, flexible, pressurized detection tubing located throughout the engine compartment. The detection tubing is designed to burst when exposed to the radiant heat of a fire, which automatically triggers the release of an appropriate fire extinguishing agent.

The Firetrace detection tubing is designed to be installed in and around the engine compartment – right where fires begin – which provides extremely fast detection and suppression. Every second saved in detecting and suppressing an engine fire results in less risk to the vehicle’s occupants and can allow them to remain safely inside the vehicle in a hostile situation.

Firetrace automatic fire detection and suppression systems are ideal for:

  • Executive armored cars, limousines, trucks and SUVs
  • Armored transit vans
  • Cash-In-Transit vehicles
  • Special purpose military vehicles
  • Tactical Armored Vehicles (TACS)

A Firetrace automatic fire detection and suppression system can reduce vehicle damage and save lives. Don’t take chances – protect against the threat of engine fires with Firetrace.