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Passenger Vehicles

Fire protection for cars, trucks and SUVs


A fire in the engine compartment of passenger vehicles is a very serious situation. An engine fire can grow very large very quickly, threatening lives and property. If the vehicle is moving, the airflow thorough the engine compartment can make detection and suppression more difficult.

Firetrace is proud to offer automatic fire detection systems that are specifically designed to work effectively in the conditions in which vehicles operate while offering superior fire protection.

The proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) is the key to catching fires where they start. Its polymer composition is immune to vehicle dirt, oil, grease, vibration, shocks and temperature extremes that can reduce the effectiveness of other detection systems.

The detection tubing is installed both above and behind the potential source of fire. Upon detection the tubing will burst, triggering the release of the extinguishing agent, which results in fast and effective fire suppression.

The system is available with a manual release for driver activation as well as an audible alarm to alert the driver and passengers when the system is activated.