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ILP FK-5-1-12 Systems


With the developments of the AIM Act phasing down the usage of HFCs, including FM-200™, a common fire suppression agent, and 3M™ announcing they will cease production of Novec 1230™, we responded by drastically enhancing and improving our ILP offerings using FK-5-1-12.

Firetrace’s FK-5-1-12 ILP systems offer a significant performance improvement over our Novec 1230™ ILP systems and carry the UL listing and FM approval. This brings the performance in-line with our FM-200 ILP systems to ensure the same protection for high-risk equipment.

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Key Features


New 20 lb System

Offers double coverage to protect larger pieces of equipment


5 & 10 lb Single Nozzle Systems

Same cover with simpler, cleaner, and quicker installations


6x6 ft Nozzle Area Coverage

Improved area coverage reduces need for extra nozzles


Field Serviceable Gauge

Improved valve, making replacement in the field a 10-second task

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