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>28,000 Fire Suppression Systems Trusted On Wind Turbines

If you had a fire in one of your nacelles today, you may be able to detect it. However, the fire would still likely destroy the nacelle and cost millions to fix. Luckily, fire suppression systems protect your turbines by detecting AND extinguishing fires. Automatically. With our clean agents, cleanup isn't even necessary.

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Fires give you headaches. And not just because of the carbon monoxide.


Turbine manufacturers take countless precautions to prevent fires in wind turbines. But, fires still happen. They can never be completely engineered out.

You don't want to deal with the tedious investigations and increased premiums from a total loss ever again.

Fire suppression systems can be the difference between a day of downtime and a year of downtime.

Wind turbine damaged by fire
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18 Months

Time it can take to recommission a turbine after a fire

burned windmill, destroyed nacelle by fire-Shutterstock_ 1231008466

$4.5-9 Million

Cost of a wind turbine total loss due to a fire

Wind turbine damaged by fire after lightning strike_shutterstock_1368464126

1 in 100

Odds of a turbine having a fire over its lifespan



Firetrace detects fires at the source using proprietary heat and flame detection tubing.



The Firetrace system activates automatically, providing protection even when no one is around.



Firetrace systems suppress fires in seconds using clean agents that are safe for people, equipment, and the environment.

Key Features


Rapid Detection

Detects fires right at their source


Safe for Equipment

Clean agents leave no residue


No False Alarms

Ideal for harsh or dusty environments


Automatic Suppression

No human intervention required


Fast Installation

Get complete protection in just a few hours


Self Contained

Independent of power, water, and electricity

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"Because the Firetrace system activated so quickly and extinguished the fire, there wasn't a catastrophic loss"

-Major Operations & Maintenance Executive


Name the Turbine,

Firetrace Can Protect It


Because Firetrace systems are simple and adaptable, they can protect numerous hazards on over 50 different wind turbine platforms.

We have an expert team dedicated to analyzing and mitigating fire risk in your wind turbines so that you are protected from fire.


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Common Applications in
Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines


Nacelle with labels

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Firetrace recommends clean agent pre-engineered systems for wind turbine protection.

Compared with other agents, clean agents are safer for people and equipment. Clean agents leave no residue after discharge and do not require clean up.

"If it weren't for Firetrace, we likely would've lost the nacelle"

-Major Operations & Maintenance Executive



Avoid the long investigations, increased insurance premiums, negative news coverage, lawsuits, and employee harm that fires can cause. Equip your fleet with fire suppression systems.


We analyze your specific hazards using our technical experience


We'll design the optimal solution to suppress fires at the source


You can train your own staff or use a certified installer to protect your turbines


Breathe a sigh of relief knowing you are protected from fires

Automatically detect and suppress fires.

No power needed. No cleanup needed.

Don't lose another wind turbine to a preventable fire.

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