Types of fire suppression systems for wind turbines:

Several types of fire suppression systems can be used for wind turbine fire protection:

  • Engineered systems (total flood systems)
  • Clean agent pre-engineered systems
  • Aerosol systems

Firetrace recommends clean agent pre-engineered systems for wind turbine protection. Compared to total flood systems, they are more cost effective and less prone to false activation. Compared with aerosols, clean agents are safer for people and equipment. Clean agents leave no residue after discharge and do not require clean up.

The video on the right explains how these systems work within a wind turbine.




Installing fire suppression systems on wind turbines:

The best fire suppression system for a wind turbine depends on which part of the turbine you need to protect. There are specialized systems for both the nacelle and base tower.

A fire suppression specialist can identify the right products for your specific application.

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