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Paratransit / Mobility

Fire protection for paratransit and ADA mobility vehicles

Several jurisdictions, including the State of New York*, now require fire suppression for all paratransit and ADA transport vehicles where the occupants may face restrictions in their mobility, and ultimately may be more challenged in their ability to escape from a burning vehicle. Firetrace is proud to provide fire suppression systems specially designed for these vehicles.

A Firetrace fire suppression system is the ideal solution for paratransit/mobility vehicles due to its flexibility in installation, fast fire detection time, and ability to be retrofitted into vehicles already in use.

The best way to control a fire to is catch it as it starts, before it has a chance to grow. The red Firetrace Detection Tubing (FDT) can be run throughout the engine compartment, ensuring that detection is close to potential sources of fire. In the event of a fire, the detection tubing ruptures, releasing extinguishing agent to quickly suppress the fire.

Additionally, Firetrace offers options including a manual remote activation system and a warning horn that can alert the vehicle operator to the discharge of the system.

As well as most other vehicles, Firetrace systems are also ideal for vehicles which may idle for extended periods of time, such as commercial trucks, causing overheating of compartments in the engine compartment and creating a potential fire hazard.

* Firetrace systems meet all the requirements and have been approved for the required fire suppression needs in Paramedic Transportation Buses in the state of New York.