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As we launched our new blog in early 2019, we posted topics focusing on information relevant to a variety of industries.  As we venture into the new decade, we will continue on this path and provide insights on topics that are important to the industries we serve. We are pleased to share the top Blog Posts from 2019.

1. Should You Be Using an Oil Based Coolant? In CNC machining, the two functions of coolants are to cool the tool and reduce friction in the cut. The coolant used depends on the machining operation. We explore the pros and cons of oil-based coolants.

2. The Importance of Coolants in Machining. Understanding the role and types of coolant will help you select a coolant that is the right fit for your machine and operation. By properly maintaining coolant, you extend not only the life of the coolant but also your tools and machine.

3. Analysis of 24 Incidents Reveals #1 Cause of Machine Shop Fires. Most experienced machinists have seen at least one fire on the job. Our analysis of 24 fires in machine shops shows that one mistake, in particular, causes almost 30% of all fires.

4. How Does an Electrical Fire Start? Nearly 60,000 fires a year occur due to electrical fires. Electrical fires have several causes, and understanding the reasons why fires start, and the preventative measures to take will reduce the fire risks.

5. Understanding the Demand for 5-Axis Machining. The demand for 5-axis machining is higher than ever. In 2020, sales in 5-axis vertical machines are expected to increase by 18%, and 5-axis horizontal machines to increase by 20%.

6. Coolant Management for Machine Shops. Between $100M-$500M worth of machine value is lost each year due to improper machine coolant management. Coolant management mistakes can decrease the working life of a machine up to 10% per year.

7. What US Utility Providers Can Learn from Their Counterparts in Africa. With the rise in the number and intensity of wildfires, utility providers are looking at ways to reduce risk. They are integrating traditional tactics with technological advancements.

8. NTSB Issues Safety Recommendation for Fire Suppression in School Buses. Following the investigation of a fatal bus fire, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a recommendation to equip all current and new school buses with automatic fire suppression systems.

9. Three Levels of Data Center Fire Protection. Data center fire protection has been evolving over the years to keep up to date with new technologies and fire protection regulations. While fire risks are low for the data centers, they have specific industry challenges.

10. Four Key Takeaways from the 2019 Top Shops Conference. Modern Machine Shop’s “Top Shops” program uses data collected from surveying machine shops of all types and sizes. The information is compiled to determine the top-performing shops and outlines best practices and key metrics for success.



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