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March 23, 2021

Is Retrofitting Wind Turbines with Fire Suppression Systems Worth It?

Wind farm owners and operators retrofit their wind turbines with fire suppression systems for a number of reasons. Some retrofit after losing a turbine to a fire incident, others because of internal risk analysis, and some after receiving a significant increase in insurance rates. There are both pros and cons of retrofitting fire suppression systems. We’ll help you understand if the benefits outweigh the risks of installing fire suppression systems on your fleet.

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March 16, 2021

Which Fire Suppression Agent is Best for Wind Turbines?

Wind turbines are multi-million dollar pieces of equipment with sensitive electronics, and from time to time, employees working inside and outside the turbine. In the case of a fire starting in the wind turbine, a fire suppression system can prevent the risk of fire loss in your turbines, but only if properly designed and with a suitable fire suppression agent. Deciding on the best fire suppression agent is important in order to protect your equipment, employees, and the environment.

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March 9, 2021

Prevent Insurance Rates from Increasing After a Wind Turbine Fire

Wind turbine insurance rates have increased 20-30% in the past few years due to several large claims. A fire in one of your turbines can significantly increase your insurance premiums and raise your deductible levels, causing your insurance to become even more expensive. A fire will most likely adversely affect your insurance policy, but there are ways to make your policy more favorable by mitigating fire risk before a fire incident.

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February 22, 2021

Will Fire Protection be Required on All Wind Turbines?

The number of wind turbine fires is increasing as the number of turbines installed increases. For example, a 100-turbine wind farm is on average ten times more likely to have a fire than a 10-turbine wind farm. This trend is affecting the reputation of the industry, hardening the insurance market, and has the potential to hurt the growth of the wind industry.

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February 17, 2021

How Can Wind Turbines Handle Antarctica and Not Texas?

Texas has been hit by a wave of freezing temperatures that caused major power outages for millions across the state. Around half of wind turbines in the state stopped generating electricity, which caused doubts about the effectiveness of renewable energy. However, wind turbines are operating in frigid places like Antarctica, Norway, the North Sea, and Sweden. How are these turbines able to operate, but those in Texas are not?

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February 15, 2021

Four Misconceptions About Wind Turbine Insurance

Losses due to wind turbine fires can cost $7-8 million, which could be crippling to pay for without insurance. Wind turbine insurance is important to ensure that producing wind energy remains profitable for owners and operators. However, many insureds are surprised that they didn’t understand their insurance policy terms fully when they have a loss.

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February 1, 2021

Three Wind Turbine Fires Occurring in December Make Headlines

2020 was a year full of surprises and losses, and it left us with a final destructive parting gift  three turbine fires that made the news within a span of just 11 days. One of the fires occurred on Christmas Day and caused more than a few people to respond to the fire instead of spending the holiday with their family.

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January 20, 2021

What Does Fire Risk in Wind Energy Look Like Heading Into 2021?

Fires in wind turbines have been an expensive issue for years and are an important risk to mitigate. We sat down with Jatin Sharma, the Managing Partner of NARDAC and a leading voice in the renewable energy space, to discuss the current and future state of wind turbine insurance. Learn what wind energy insurance in 2021 will look like from Jatin’s perspective.

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January 19, 2021

Should You Opt-in to Fire Suppression on Your Wind Turbines?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing and installing wind turbines for your wind farm. One of the packages you may have seen is the ability to add fire detection and suppression to your turbines. We will review the facts to assist you in making an informed decision about active fire suppression and help you gain an understanding if it provides a return on investment when you opt-in.

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January 6, 2021

What are the Different Stages of a Fire?

Fires can be devastating and happen when you least expect them. Generally, the earlier you can suppress a fire, the better. This is because fires grow in intensity, temperature, and size if they have the resources they need to burn- oxygen, heat, fuel, and in some cases, a chain reaction. Understanding how a fire forms can help you better protect yourself and your assets. Read on to learn more about how fires form — from the incipient stage until decay.

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December 21, 2020

What Happens After a Wind Turbine Catches Fire?

No wind farm owner or operator wants to deal with the headache of a wind turbine fire. However, wind turbine fires do occur and can be disastrous. In an unprotected wind turbine, you are likely to have a total loss, and when the fire occurs, you must have a plan in place for how to extinguish the fire and then replace the turbine.

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March 6, 2019

What are water mist fire suppression agents?

Fire suppression systems may utilize a range of different fire suppression agents to suppress a fire when they are activated. To allow for design flexibility for different applications, Firetrace International offers a choice of agents.

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