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Firetrace to launch most significant new product in 15 years at NFPA 2018

Dual Action System first to combine benefits of local application and total flooding suppression

Ideal for complex micro-environments

First look for North American market at NFPA

At the NFPA Conference in Las Vegas next week global fire suppression manufacturer Firetrace International will launch an innovative new system to the North American market.

The Firetrace Dual Action System is the first to combine the proven technology of the company’s world-leading local application and total flooding approaches in a single system. Providing a level of coverage and effectiveness not seen before in the automatic fire suppression industry, it brings a fresh new dimension to the sector.

Using a patented dual action valve unique to Firetrace, the Dual Action System is specifically designed to provide the best all-round protection for complex micro-environments, which are vulnerable to risks including multiple ignition points or semi-segmented spaces, making it difficult to predict where a fire may start.

The Dual Action System offers substantially enhanced protection by using both fixed nozzles and Firetrace’s custom detection tubing. Agent is discharged simultaneously from both, providing knock-down of the fire where it starts, while also preventing reflash and suppressing secondary fires.

The flexible fire suppression options of the Dual Action System make it ideally suited to complex hazards like engine compartments, CNC machines and enclosed server racks.

Packed full of flammable materials and generating a lot of heat, micro-environments like these are often subject to multiple, simultaneous fires, or fires that break out in quick succession.

Mark Osborne, Firetrace International president, explains: “Delivering fast knock-down of the initial fire limits the size and magnitude of an incident, and the complete coverage with reduced reflash risk significantly increases the probability of total extinguishment. Put simply, reduced damage means reduced costs. So, for businesses with high value or highly flammable assets, the double protection offered by Firetrace’s Dual Action System offers invaluable peace of mind.

“Our Dual Action System is our most significant product development in 15 years, and the most exciting innovation seen in pre-engineered fire suppression for a long time. We can’t wait to introduce it to the North American market at NFPA.”

Firetrace will be at NFPA Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas from 11 to 14 June. Visit them on booth 2031 and find out how the new Dual Action System could protect your business.